park farm community cherry orchard groupPark Farm Community Cherry Orchard is one of the few remaining traditional cherry orchards in the area, where tall stately trees can be seen with sheep grazing beneath. It is part of a working farm owned by Mr & Mrs P Neaves in the heart of the old prime cherry growing belt.

Around fourteen different varieties of sweet cherry grow in the orchard, (producing fruit from June to early August), with wonderful old fashioned names such as Napoleon Bigarreau, Amber, Florence, Bradbourne Black, Merton Glory, Noir de Guben and Early Rivers. The name often tells you something about the cherry. For example, Noir de Guben is a black cherry bred by a Herr Groth in Guben, Germany.

The Park Farm Community Cherry Orchard Group was set up to organise events and activities in the orchard to celebrate the local history of traditional cherry growing and the wildlife associated with the orchard habitat.

Regular events have included Blossom Day in April, Cherry Day in July and a Halloween party in October. We have also enjoyed early morning dawn chorus walks, bat and moth monitoring, fungi forays and much more.

For further information or details of this year’s events please check our website, or Park Farm Community Orchard Group on Facebook or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.