There are 705 comments about the Teynham Area of Opportunity (TAO) on the Swale consultation portal. That's over 30% of all the comments on what is a borough-wide plan. Analysis shows 93% of respondents object to the TAO, 4% are neutral and 3% in favour (mostly developers). See media report in the Kent Messenger.
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Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council has instructed a firm of solicitors to lodge a formal objection to the draft Swale Local Plan 2021.  The Council objects to the plan as a whole because it is based on a flawed and inappropriate growth strategy which is unjustified, not supported by evidence, is predicated on an unlawful use of Supplementary Planning Guidance to allocate development, and is mutually inconsistent with the Plan’s own settlement hierarchy and other policies within the plan.
It has not been informed by a sustainability appraisal that meets the relevant legal requirements and will not be effective, because the growth strategy selected - which includes the “Teynham Area of Opportunity” -  is not deliverable.
It has also not been consulted upon in accordance with the legal and procedural requirements set out in the Local Plan Regulations.  
In addition to the above, and specifically, the Parish Council objects to the inclusion of the Teynham Area of Opportunity which is entirely unjustified and unsound, unsupported as it is by proportionate evidence.
Local residents have published a website about the potential impact of the “Teynham Area of Opportunity” (TAO) if the draft Swale Local Plan is approved.  The site contains helpful advice on how to respond as well as how to comment on the plan’s soundness and legal compliance.  You can view the site here:

We have published a newsletter dedicated to Swale Borough Council's Local Plan Review.  We explain what the plan, if adopted, could mean for Lynsted Parish. We provide advice on how to submit your feedback and, to assist in your consideration of the draft plan, we have provided some of the comments that we will be submitting as our own response to the consultation.

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The back page of the newsletter is a poster.  If you object to the "Teynham Area of Opportunity", you're welcome to place it in your front window. 

The Local Plan Review can be found here:

The easiest way to submit your comments is via the Representation Form:

Comments can also be made on the consultation portal but be warned, it's not very user-friendly:



Following intense lobbying by parish councils, residents, opposition councillors and a local MP, the deadline for responding to the Swale Local Plan Review has been extended to 30 April.

As the plan has gone straight to what is called Regulation 19, any comments or objections must be on the grounds of 'legal compliance' and 'soundness'.

The parish council is currently seeking advice on the best way to respond.

We plan to issue guidance in a newsletter that will be delivered to all households in Lynsted with Kingsdown in the early part of April.

The information will also be available on this website, so keep checking back for the latest news! 



Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council are very keen to hear the views of local residents on the bypass proposed in the Swale Local Plan Review 2021.  

This bypass currently has no confirmed route, but is expected to run south of the A2 London Road through Lynsted.  

Please take three minutes to complete our survey.  Many thanks for your time.