Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council was one of only four PCs in the entire country to respond to a national consultation about air quality.  One of the others was Teynham PC!  This just proves how worried we are locally about the dangers of increased pollution.   
More houses means more vehicle movements.   PM 2.5 (Particulate Matter) mainly originates from combustion emissions and causes asthma, lung failure and cancer.  
The encouraging recommendation from the government’s response is a proposal to incorporate PM 2.5 targets into the planning system, based on an emission prevention approach.  A reformed, streamlined system of environmental assessment that would enable informed planning decisions to support sustainable development.  
The London Road in Teynham and Lynsted is already way above the World Health Organisation’s PM 2.5 recommended limits.  
For example at postcode ME9 9PX on the London Road, the annual average of the pollutant PM 2.5 is 10.68mcg/m3. The WHO limit is 5mcg/m3.  So it’s more than double.  

Nearly a fifth of strokes are attributed to exposure (for a year or more) of PM 2.5 concentrations exceeding 10mcg/m3.

A consultation on delivering cleaner air in towns, cities and rural areas across England has been launched by the Government. Their revised Air Quality Strategy outlines how councils in England should use existing powers more effectively to deliver improvements to air quality.
Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council has responded to this consultation.  We argue communities should have open access to calculations of additional harm arising from every planning application.  Currently, developers can claim their housing plans have negligible impact when taken in isolation, so the cumulative impact is ignored.

We should also have access to real time measurements of the four key harmful pollutants.  This would enable residents to understand when small changes in behaviour might protect them from the worst harms.  For example, identifying routes and times best suited for work or outdoor activities, and enabling walkers or cyclists to take less polluted routes or choose times of lower pollution.

Ultimately, the most important focus should be ‘enforcement’.  Simple aspirational objectives are worse than useless.

You can read our full response HERE
Nominations closed on 4 April for residents wishing to stand for election to Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council.  All serving Councillors put their names forward for re-election.  The election was uncontested, therefore the Returning Officer at Swale Borough Council has announced that all candidates have been duly elected as Parish Councillors.  See the formal notice HERE
The positions of chairman and vice-chairman will be voted on by the Parish Council at its AGM on 15 May.  

We had a fantastic community response to Saturday's Litterpick, organised by the Parish Council. Twenty volunteers turned up and we collected 35 sacks of rubbish. Teams fanned out across the Parish, starting at the top of Lynsted Lane and heading towards Middle Lynsted via Claxfield Lane and Cellar Hill. It's regrettable that quite so much litter had to be picked up, but Lynsted is looking much tidier as a result.  Many thanks to everyone who helped and we intend to make this a more regular event.

Developers have appealed against the refusal of permission to build five houses on land East of Cellar Hill.  The final decision will be made by the Planning Inspectorate on the basis of written representations.  The Parish Council has responded and you can read our letter HERE

Join the Great British Spring Clean...  The Parish Council is organising a LITTER PICK this Saturday - 1 April.  Meet at 10am at the Co-op, top of Lynsted Lane.  All equipment provided, although you may wish to bring thick gloves (we will supply thin ones).  Finish by noon for a drink at the Black Lion.  All welcome to help tidy up our Parish.

Notice is hereby given that an election is to be held on 4 May 2023 for nine Parish Councillors to serve on Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council.  Swale Borough Councillors will also be elected on the same day for the Teynham and Lynsted ward.  

Please make sure you are registered to vote.  Apply for a postal vote if you are unable to attend the polling booth in person.  Ensure you have suitable photo ID when voting in person.  

For further information please read the ATTACHMENT

The Parish Council has responded to the Government's consultation on reforming the National Planning Policy Framework.  We argue for revision of housing targets, prioritising brownfield sites and greater input from local communities. Read our letter HERE

Eden Real Estate Group has now lodged an appeal against the refusal of their application to build 10 (but, we understand, ultimately 50) houses on land to the East of Lynsted Lane.  The final decision will be made by the Government’s Planning Inspectorate, based on a review of written submissions.  Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council has submitted one final letter of objection, which you can read HERE